I thought, do something for this area,’ said

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In this April file photo, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, left, and Senate President Stuart Adams, R Layton, bump elbows after a press conference with legislative, community and business leaders at the Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 17, 2020 Photo by Jeffrey D. Allred/Deseret News via The Associated Press, St.

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As one friend commented, I am on my way to capturing the art of doing what I want or doing nothing at all. When things return to the new normal, whenever and whatever that might be, I know that I’ll be able to take it slower. The lock down allowed me to understand that I can.

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And Holmswow. In Isserlis’s own arrangement of an excerpt from a choral work, she did nothing I could point to as unusual in any objective way. Except that her melodies were ravishing, just taking over the Terrace Theater, filling all the space. The response this time has been massive: Entire countries and their economies have been shut down. Mountains of medical equipment have been mobilized and moved. First responders and healthcare workers are rightly hailed as heroes.