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Public health measures taken to tackle COVID 19 such as, physical distancing and lockdown to confine people within homes have added fuel to fire. There has been an increase in the calls to the national helpline numbers with 50% of the women reporting a correlation between violence and some of the COVID 19 containment measures. Service providers have reported that SGBV survivors who are already receiving support services are experiencing escalating violence that is more severe and more frequent added Erikson..

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Today, I wandered my house collecting our holiday d to pack away. I unhung the stockings and ornaments and tucked our toy train away to chug beneath our tree next year. Most of this stuff I bought myself or I received as gifts and miniature reindeer, but amongst these things are some of my most precious treasures ornament Aidan made me last year at his library class, the Rudolph he made me in his first year of pre school, the Christmas ornaments the boys made with grandma this year.

In a kindergarten class, for example, some students work on a small group vocabulary lesson while other students work on a lesson on computers in another corner of the room. After some time, the two groups swap places. The idea is to keep the feel of a small class without the cost of additional staff..

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